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Welcome to aliensoflondon, a sort of personal and reviews journal. I'll mostly post Doctor Who I suppose. Anyway feel free to talk or check out my links. My main icons comm is hello_pond and other graphics are at roseinperil. I'm always accepting friends so feel free to add me! I'll definitely add back and I like getting to know people so please do leave comments and we can talk! This post is pretty much somewhere to comment if you just want to chat! I also have a journal at dreamwidth, and you can follow me on twitter @gallifreyhoe!
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Up and Down

It's been a weird few days. I felt great earlier in the week and had a really good time on Friday night, and today I've just dropped down to the lowest low. I don't even know why and I can't really explain it, but I'm also really tired and cold and altogether ugh.

I'll not dwell on the downs though - I've had a nice week and I feel as though I can really kick myself into gear in terms of school work and stuff like that. There's one or two things (well, teachers) that I've been angry about but I've decided not to let that get to me and I know that I'm working for me and not the teachers and I'm not going to take any more bullshit.

I planned to make some icons today but it doesn't look like its going to happen. I'd like to try some tomorrow but I have quite a bit of homework to do tomorrow so I'll see what I can do. I meant to post yesterday but I was out last night so I didn't have time. I'll reply to all comments etc asap!
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First Week

I just finished my first (half)week of year 11 and I've had a good 3 days. I saw my friends and got my timetable and new teachers etc. I'm really going to try and get my head down this year because of increased grade difficulty. I think I'll resit Physics and ICT because I only got a B in them and I'd love me some A's and I think I could get them easily with some revision! I found out about the ICT 5 minutes before the exam and I concentrated on Biology rather that Physics because it's harder (but I managed to get an A :D)!

I've been over at my twitter a lot this week and I'd like to thank everyone for following me, and for anyone who hasn't please check me out at @gallifreyhoe. I've also been using my Tumblr a lot more too, which is gallifreyandcardiff. I have been checking LJ of course aswell but I'll be waiting until weekends and holidays to make my icons. I did make some today though and I posted them at hello_pond so please do check them out! I would love to get more watchers over there so if you like icons/userpics of Torchwood and Doctor Who and would like to watch my progress and help me improve by commenting and giving concrit please check it out!

Wow, this cup of tea I'm drinking could be the best I've had in ages. It's so relaxing and I haven't had a good cup in hours. I'm aware that I'm rambling but after three days of being up at the crack of dawn (I could hardly more this morning) I think I'm entitled to a little rant.

Please please please do feel free to comment and get to know me. You can either comment here, on one of my older posts or the sticky post at the top where we can talk about anything. Feel free to friend me aswell but do leave a comment when you do so that we can actually talk and get to know each other. Also I'm up for chatting via message as well as on twitter and tumblr!

My posts all seem pretty similar lately (probably because they have been so frequent and close together), and I was wondering if there was anything that anyone wanted me to blog about - any particular subject? I love writing blogs and I like the community feeling of Livejournal so much! Do leave some ideas if you can!
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School starts on Wednesday and it's time I got serious. As soon as I start exam preparation I'll begin revising. I'm determined to get the grades I want this year and I might have to make a few sacrifices to get them, such as prolonged internet time. I'll still be here on Livejournal of course and over at Twitter too, and occasionally Tumblr. The grade boundaries are up and modules have been scrapped so I'm going to have to work extra hard. I want to go on to do A levels in Sociology, Geography, English Language and Psychology and then perhaps a Journalism or Sociology degree.

I pretty much have everything for school now, I just need to get a few extra things. I went on a few bike rides over the weekend and did about 10 miles on Sunday. I'll get more exercise once school starts because I have to walk up a long road every day to reach the bus stop closest to school. That's one of the upsides of school starting. Another is that I'll see my friends. I'm going into year 11 and it's meant to be the best year.

Egh, that's where the positives end. The thought of school really depresses me and although I'll be back into a routine it means coursework and revision and exams. Egh. Depressing. My year has to do linear exams now instead of modules 'cause the stupid shit conservatives and the secretary of education Michael Gove know nothing about education and what's best for high school students around the UK because they probably went to the most private and expensive of schools with stupidly high standards. Anyway. Egh, depressing. Ugh.
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Changing Up

I switched my journal's theme to a lighter one. Thanks to estiloamor for the base CSS - I edited the colours to make it blue and I've messed with some of the fonts/spacing etc.
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Rue The Day

Egh, school starts again on Wednesday and it's my last year so it basically means tonnes of work and revision and less internet time. I've practically closed my blog for now and moved here for the time being. I'll continue to post here when I can and although my icons/graphics wont be as frequent, I'll post what I can. Icons will continue to be at hello_pond and I'll be making edits because they're easy and I can practice techniques. I'll be posting those along with idontwanttogo (my friend from the offline and online world) at roseinperil.

As I said in my last personal post, I've been using my laptop excessively. However I have been going into town and things like that for uniform and whatnot, and yesterday I cycled down to my Nan and Granddad's house with my Dad to help cut branches of trees. Trying to do it with a tiny handsaw is not fun, and I mostly stuck to the easier job of clipping the detached branches into smaller pieces so we could fit them into a bag and take them to the recycling centre.

I haven't actually listened to much music over the past week. Normally I use my iPod in the car when I'm going out but I've just not bothered lately. I should really listen to my new house tracks that I downloaded, and I have some garagey style stuff too. I find it easier to excercise with music though so I should probably start doing a bit more of that. I find that house music is particularly good for running etc.

This isn't exactly relevant but I finally downloaded the UK language pack for my phone so I don't have to ignore the incorrect words that are spelled differently in America. COLOUR HAS A U PEOPLE. CENTRE WITH AN RE. ORGANISED WITH AN S. It makes me happy to see English spellings after 2 years of having Blackberry phones. I'm quite easily amused so yeah.

TV wise I've stuck to Doctor Who, Torchwood and Celebrity Big Brother. As much as people think Big Brother isn't an intelligent person's show, I can tell you as a viewer who doesn't consider themself unintelligent that you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, and sometimes you just watch for the humour. Sure, the show isn't for everyone, but I do say "don't knock it 'till you've tried it"!
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sh i'm pimping

hello_pond is still my main community. The one below is just one I've made with a friend and we'll be posting graphics like colourings and retouches. hello_pond is still my main place for graphics!

Hey! roseinperil is a new graphics community by idontwanttogo and aliensoflondon! We will mostly be posting Doctor Who and Torchwood relating stuff but we may post other stuff from time to time! Do visit, leave some comments and possibly watch?
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idec now

Ugh, the whole family is on my back because I've spent 'the whole holidays on the laptop'. It's actually not true because I've been out quite a lot with both friends and family and I've been using my laptop when I'm not doing anything because I like being online and using LJ etc, and its not like I haven't been exercising or anything - it's probably just an excuse for everyone to have shit moods.

It's true I've been using the internet excessively though - I've become quite at home with Livejournal though. Everyone seems really friendly and it's great that there's such a large Doctor Who and Torchwood fandom that's not on Tumblr. I've really been improving on my icons - especially colouring, and I'm quite proud of the progress I've made this past week/week and a half. I started watching Doctor Who again (I like to re-watch it A LOT) and I'm also nearly half way through series 1 of Torchwood on my re-watch. I'll probably watch 'Greeks Bearing Gifts' tonight.

I've nearly got everything I need for my last year of high school now, I just need a few extra things for my uniform and then I'm done. I've really got to work hard this year and I'm definitely going to put in as much effort as possible. Because of this I left my blog on open-hiatus and I've pretty much moved here for the time being, as I find it easier to stay active because I can treat lj as a social network and it's not really a chore. I can always take breaks if I need to and I'll still have people to speak to on return. I'll be putting work and exams before online life but I'll hopefully be able to keep active (even if I don't make as many icons or manage to update communities and stuff - I was thinking of doing some fan fic because I have a great idea but it can wait) so fingers crossed and thumbs up!

This is my longest post on LJ yet - I'm getting closer to full sized posts! I didn't with this one because the internet is getting turned off for the night so I'll have to stop myself here! Also do feel free to friend me and get to know me!
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Hot weather

Wow, it's been bloody hot here in the UK over the past few days! Since I live in the North West we don't usually get heat like this but wow, I've found it hard to even leave the house!

I've been watching lots of Celebrity Big Brother and also practicing icons at hello_pond, and I've been trying different techniques with colouring, lighting, cropping and textures. My family don't approve of my ever increasing laptop usage so I downloaded the LJ app for my iPod, so I'm sort of cheating hehe.

Still looking to meet new friends and stuff on here, I haven't been on my blog or dw/tw site, but I will soon when I feel like it. I'd like to post more often on here than my blog and post longer, more detailed posts, but I'll definitely be here most of the time.